Friday, May 01, 2009

Long Distance Dedication

I have wonderful childhood memories of Casey Kasem. On New Years Eve 1983, I sat in my bedroom for eight hours and listened as Casey counted down the Top 100 songs of that year (I actually taped the entire show on my boombox using 6 cassette tapes). I eagerly looked forward to listening to his weekly Top 40 countdown in the mid-80's. I strove to get most of the tracks on the charts on cassette. Sometimes I would look at the Top 10 in the paper and say, "got it, got it, don't got it, got it..." The reason I'm bringing this all up is because my old friend, Tim, sent me the following link this afternoon. To me, it was like hearing God swear.


Rocketstar said...

I too remember fondly listening to Casem doing the countdown, he has such a great voice.

Mags said...

We used to travel to NY every weekend to see my family when I was young and I grew up listening to these dedications too. I love you but I hate this post! :( I know he was human though...but still some things just weren't meant to hear!

Timothy Smith said...

I love it. I still think he is the best, everyone deserves to get upset at one point.