Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Misadventures of a 5-Year Old Pomeranian

Zoe loves days in which I do laundry. It gives her a rare opportunity to go downstairs and have access to the cat's litter box; we usually have a gate up so she can't cause mischief down there. I like to give her a break from time to time, though. As I load clothes into the washer, she sticks her head into the cat box and finds a piece (or two) of doody that smells good and then goes to town on it. This may be repulsive to some, but to each his own.

She also has a thing for women's panties. Whenever she can get her mitts on one of them, she starts licking and then chewing on the crotch section (by the time she's done, they're crotchless). She's destroyed at least a couple dozen of them over the years. Sometimes, when I'm on the computer, she'll look at my wife's laundry bag and then me and make a noise that seems to say, "Please, can I have just one more?". I'm such a pushover, I frequently give in, but have to be careful to throw them out soon after so my beloved doesn't see her pet's latest handiwork.

Many times when I'm just getting into bed, she jumps up on it and vigorously thrusts her pelvis against the comforter. If I were a male Pomeranian, this would be the point where I'd say, "You go, girl!" This behavioral tendency recently compelled my wife to dub her "HUMPty-Dumpty".


Timothy Smith said...

All dogs seem to enjoy salted nut rolls out of the litter box. I NEVER let my golden raid the litter box. We bought one of those boxes that automatically scoops it into a plastic container.

Last thing I wanted was being licked in the face after she raided the litter box!

So my poor dog never had the chance to even taste cat shit her whole life.

The rest of the your post is just....strange, lol.

Sarah said...

yeah, my dogs don't do stairs, so the cat poo is safe.

seriously, cat poo = gross. dog barf = gross. dog barfing up cat poo? indescribable.

Rocketstar said...

"She also has a thing for women's panties.":

Who doesn't (except for the licking and chewing part).