Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Music

In the late 90's, there were a handful of artists whose music I would buy the day they were released; Tori Amos, Garth Brooks, Vince Gill. The quality of their prior discs led me to believe that their new ones would be slam-dunks. In most of these cases, I'd only heard the lead single, but that was enough for me.

It's now possible to listen to entire albums before deciding to purchase them. I have half a dozen Chris Isaak discs, so felt his new one would be very solid.

I streamed the entire disc on MySpace some time ago and though good, I didn't feel it was worth picking up for $14. I have more than ten albums by Tori Amos, but after streaming her new one on MySpace, will wait on purchasing until I can get it for significantly less (this is probably my favorite track from it). For the heck of it, I even listened to half of Eminem's new one. Just try to stay in a negative place while listening to the five tracks on this page.

It really is a great thing to be able to sample new music in this way. There are few things more disappointing than spending fifteen bucks on a new record and being underwhelmed by it.


Rocketstar said...

The one thing that I think doesn't happen when we preview stream it is that when you buy the disc, there is now an inherent 'wanting' to like it as you have just purchased it. Now the wanting can't make you like something you don't but I think it entices one a little more to like it.

It is great we can stream it before hand.

Thomas said...

Rocket, that is a great point. It's kinda like when someone goes to a bad movie, but they won't admit to it being so. Most don't like to acknowledge that they spent hard-earned money to watch a crap film.

Melvin Udall said...
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Melvin Udall said...

I have to confess I probably buy alot less music than I used to mainly for the reason you state in your post. Once you hear it you may not think it is worth the money. However, having said that, the music I do buy is alot more diverse than it ever used to be. If I hear something online that I really like it is so easy to search for more from the same artist and purchase the MUSIC I like rather than in the past purchasing from the ARTIST I like. I think it is this that has turned the music industry upside down and not just illegal downloads!

Timothy Smith said...

I saw Remo Williams in the theater.

Thomas said...

Melvin, I also like having a great diversity of music readily available (I have a small rack for my 50's and 60's stuff, a bigger one for the 70's and an even larger one for the 80's). Good point on buying the music you like as opposed to going with artists you're already familiar with.

Tim, I can specifically recall the evening in 1985 when I saw "Remo". It's funny how the subtitle was "The Adventure Begins"; they were hoping the first would earn enough to justify sequels.

Though it wasn't a great movie (not enough action as I was expecting), I did like the climax at the Statue of Liberty as well as Remo's Chinese mentor. Course, my standards of what made for a good movie may have been a bit lower than what they are now.

I remember after the movie let out, I was walking by Godfather's Pizza. Erika Shields, a classmate, you may remember her, saw me and said hello as I strolled home.

Timothy Smith said...

I mention Remo when friends get into discussions about seeing odd-ball movies. Of course you are the first person besides myself that I know who had seen it in all its glory.

I actually liked the film, the Korean guy made me laugh throughout.

I don't recall Erika but I am not to good with names.