Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seeing Into the Future

I started my subscription to TIME magazine in the fall of 2006 (getting a year's subscription for a paltry $20 was just too good to pass up). In October '06, they put a relative unknown on the cover. Looking back now, they were eerily prescient:

Now, you have to remember this was months before Obama even entered the race. He had been in the US Senate for less than 2 years and Hillary was considered the "inevitable" Democratic nominee. Even in late 2007, Obama was trailing Hill by double digits. Here are some choice excerpts from the piece:

"It is 9 A.M. on a fresh, sunny Saturday in Rockford, Ill., and nearly a thousand people have gathered in the gymnasium at Rock Valley College to participate in a town meeting with their Senator, Barack Obama.

About halfway through the hour-long meeting, a middle-aged man stands up and says what seems to be on everyone's mind, with appropriate passion: "Congress hasn't done a damn thing this year. I'm tired of the politicians blaming each other. We should throw them all out and start over!"

"Including me?" the Senator asks.

A chorus of n-o-o-o-s. "Not you," the man says. "You're brand new."

A nurse named Greta, just off a 12-hour shift, tentatively reaches out to touch the Senator's sleeve. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I just touched a future President! I can't believe it!" She is literally shaking with delight--her voice is quivering--as she asks Obama for an autograph and then a hug.

The question of when Obama--who has not yet served two years in the U.S. Senate--will run for President is omnipresent. That he will eventually run, and win, is assumed by almost everyone who comes to watch him speak."


Rocketstar said...

Can you imagine if we replaced Bushs term with Obama, the world woudl be so different, ina good way. Bush, one of the greatest mistakes this country has ever made.

It's so nice to be proud of a US president again.

disestablishingpuritanism said...


Unfortunately, I remembered back in 2004 telling a good attorney friend to watch out for Obama in 2012. I'm so glad I was wrong. There are little differences I have with him to this point: school vouchers, failing to pursue via DOJ prosecutions for Bush admin. officials authorizing torture, willing to fund for continued abstinence-only education (teen pregnancies reached record highs under the Bush Faith Based Initiative), and still having an occupying presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't like the prospects of either outcome. Otherwise, he's stuck to his guns in what he promised to deliver. Health care reform is my biggest concern forging ahead.

Timothy Smith said...

I like a few of Obamas new proposals on health care.

Soon the lower middle class will be paying taxes on health care benefits. Once that happens all of you that yell and scream for hard working Americans to just pony up the cash will walk into your tax office and find out that despite making 32K a year you are taxed as making 40K+.

If I could only be there.....

Props to Obama though, it will be more "fair".

Yes, you could hit the upper middle class but the problem is they have already been tapped out. They don't get free health care, they already pay 40% in personal income tax and a family of 4 already pay 1500 a month for insurance.

But its not enough. So now Obama is doing what he promised he would never do, what McCain proposed and Obama said was reckless.

Soon everyone that gets employer based health care will pay taxes on ALL their pay and benefits (just like small business).

To be honest I cant wait. Class warfare will soon end as the rest of middle class Americans at least get a taste of paying "their fair share".

But remember...no complaining. Its exactly what you all wanted (when you thought it would not include yourselves). But soon it will include you and I would expect you all to support Obama and his policies when your disposable income goes out the door. Its for the greater good!

Ah...its so much easier to spend other peoples money. How fired up will you be when its your money?

Not much I bet, lol.

Go Obama! Make it FAIR!

Thomas said...

Rocket, you ain't just whistling Dixie.

PJ, I also wish he'd go after the torturers and stop the Bristol Palin-type programs, but I guess we'll have to wait for the hereafter (or to come back as our grandchildren) to experience such things. Health is also a biggie for me.

Tim, $1500 a month for insurance is ridiculous no matter how much you make. More people need to be covered to lessen risk.

I don't put much stock in politicians having to live up to all their promises. Sometimes new information means a change of policy is in order.

I think having a health plan based on employment is ridiculous, especially with all the job losses these days. Everyone should be covered at an affordable rate, no exceptions. Christ would expect no less of our asses!

Timothy Smith said...

I agree everyone should be covered and I also agree the well off should pay for the less well off through taxes.

But to expect the well off to pay for it in taxes AND not be covered means a section of Americans in the middle pays the price but receives no benefits. That group is the middle class.