Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years Eve

I had a good New Years Eve. I went to Friday's with a friend in the early evening (after all, in there, it's always Friday). It started snowing a bit as we finished up our meal (only the 2nd time it's snowed so far this season). I watched some of the New Years' shows on telly. I haven't had any alcohol at all for the past few years and felt that New Years' was as good a time as any to "indulge". There was a Bartles & Jaymes wine cooler in the fridge (it has been in there for several months). I opened the bottle, took a good swig or two, and then put it back in the fridge. I didn't feel much of an effect (it was 3.9% alcohol, BTW) after 10 minutes, so went back and drank some more. A short while later, I felt a bit of a, how you say, "buzz".

Nothing too big, but fairly pleasing nonetheless. I did have some stronger alcohol (I forget what it's called), but the wine cooler was good enough for me. I watched the ball drop in NY at 11pm our time. The snow was beginning to accumulate. Zoe (my Pomeranian) ran around a bit in the backyard and before you knew it, it was 2007.

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~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

sounds like a pretty good night overall.