Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Super Size Me

In early '00, I was a chunky sumbitch. Working at a call center precluded me from getting much exercise during work hours. I also liked going across the street to BK for lunch on many days and if they had 2 burgers and 2 fries for 2 bucks, I bought them without hesitation. My weight steadily climbed. That spring, I was tipping the scales at 212. I got the pictures back from a birthday party at Friday's and I did not like what I saw. It was my face. It was really fat. It didn't look like me at all. I had a big gut as well. I had a Mayo book and looked under the BMI (body mass index) section. I found out that if I gained just a few more pounds I would be classified as obese (as opposed to just overweight). There was also an illustration of how as a person gets fatter, the organs around the chest get more crowded. I did not like this, not at all. I decided that I must take action.

It was around this time that I was hired at Mayo to work in their call center (the Western Digital one was being relocated to Young America, MN). During my training there, I resisted eating lunch. If I was starving, I would keep it super light (like having just a few crackers). I also walked during my breaks. And in the evening, instead of having, say, a burger, large fry, and a frosty, I would have a burger and small fry or burger and salad. I kept this up for a week, but didn't notice much difference on the scale. I wondered why I should bother if I wasn't seeing results. Perhaps I needed to order those weight loss supplements that they advertise on late-night TV all the time.

Just kidding. I'm not that stupid. I kept it up. Instead of eating out once or even twice a day, I went out every other or every 3rd day. And then it started to happen. I could see my dick again! No. The pounds did start to come off, though. The first 10 pounds came off quite fast. I was getting positive reinforcement from the scale (I love you, scale!), so did some additional walking in the evenings from time to time as well. After a few months, I had gone from 212 to 180. Great success! And I was able to keep the weight off. The highest I've been in the last 6 years is about 185 though 180 is where I am most typically at. 180 was good, but it actually still is a few pounds overweight. I just couldn't seem to get under 180, however. Oh well.

A strange thing happened late last year, though. I was sick for about a day and a half (I didn't throw up) and when I went on the scale after the illness passed, I noticed that it said I was 177. I could get used to this. I don't want to be 180 again. 177 is nice!! So I did all I could to stay in the upper 170's. I even made myself shit a few times. Ah, you bought it. No, I mostly just ate less in the late evening (a time when I am most vulnerable). I've been hangin' in at 175 for several weeks now with some days at 172 (I keep a second scale in the house to be sure I'm not being bamboozled by the first one). It does feel quite good to finally be at a truly "healthy" weight. I highly recommend it.


Rocketstar said...

Good for you man. I also kind of watch my weight closely, going between 158 and 162. It's all about portion control and exercise. Simple but not easy.

In the end, it has been shown that the less calories one consumes, the longer they will live. It has to do with burning calories and the toll on the body and cells to do so.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Even though I'm not 100% happy with my weight, I think that I'm at a healthy weight. I try to eat well (though at work I do tend to snack a tad). I need to exercise more (which is good for depression anyway). I don't know what I weigh though...I used to weigh myself but after awhile I decided that as a whole people are too obsessed with a couple of numbers on a scale...and as long as my jeans still fit me...I'm not going to stress too much!