Tuesday, February 27, 2007

All the News That's Shit to Print

I've subscribed to the Rochester newspaper for most of the time that I've been in Rochester (since 1997). I liked keeping up on the local news and what was going on with Minnesota's pro sports teams. Once a week since '97, I've also been getting Entertainment Weekly. Last fall, I received an offer from Time magazine to get their periodical for a full year for $19.95 (that's 37 cents an issue). I opted to go for it. They focus a little too much on politics,

but, nonetheless are a good read in the bathtub. After a few weeks of getting Time, I decided to quit the paper. I could afford to get all 3 items, but the paper just has so much crap in it (flyers, tons of advertising in the paper itself, the food section (no offense, Mags), most of the classifieds, letters to the editor that are Pro-Bush, etc). Plus the paper is really too unwieldy to try to read in the bathtub (a magazine is much easier). One ish of Time is cheaper than one day of the paper. I like!!

The paper (the Post-Bulletin) has been trying to get me to renew at a "special" rate, but even if it was free, I don't think I'd take it at this time (a week's worth of papers is a lot of wasted trees). It's kinda funny, though, because now I'm not aware of recent events that have happened in our area (such as the merger of the two major movie theatres we have in town). But, big whoop. "News" like that doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things.

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Mags said...

No offense taken!

I don't even buy the paper, even when it does have the food section in it...

I do, however, get Food and Wine magazine.