Friday, February 16, 2007

The First Time

Even though I was 22, as of late 1993, I still hadn't ever really drank any alcohol before (I'm not gonna count the times when, as a child, my dad let me have a sip of his Schlitz Malt Liquor). At the time, I was in my 5th(!) year of college and living across from Goltz Pharmacy in Winona. I had made some friends and was thinking about trying some boos. I asked Jim (the resident expert on such things) what alcoholic drink would give me a buzz the fastest. He said the best at a reasonable price would probably be Mad Dog 20/20.

So me, Jim, and another friend, Brian, walked to Third Street Liquor and made our choices. I did pick MD 20/20 and walked back home with it.

The three of us sat at the kitchen table and began ingesting our liquers. I took a few drinks. I swear, in just a few minutes, I felt this sweeping wave of bliss come over me (Jim had said that if one hadn't really had alcohol before, it wouldn't take long for it to take effect). I was euphoric and so relaxed that I actually laid on the floor for several minutes. It was a good feeling.

I don't really have any other remembrances of drinking much after that, though, other than a New Years' Eve here and there. But this story has got me thinking... Maybe I'll buy an MD 20/20 in the near future and see if it still has the magic touch.

I did return to the Third Street Liquor store a few years later. My brother, Matt, was now living across from Goltz, wasn't of age yet, and wanted me to pick him up some of the good stuff. I agreed. His choice of poison: several 45 ounce bottles of Colt 45.


Rocketstar said...


First of all , great little story, I enjoyed it.

Alcohol dulls the senses, kind of like oppiates, but that feeling is greatly appreciated by many, including myself.

Amazingly, I have never ingested Mad Dog, but I have heard many stories of the MD.

It must be the stress of life that forces me to turn my brain off.

Thomas said...

Nothing wrong with turning your brain off for a time. I do the same when my wife forces me to watch a chick flick. :P

Mags said...

Ahhhh..good ol' MD 20/20.

Do you think they call it MD 20/20 b/c you end up not being able to see if you drink too much of that stuff?