Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Best Way To Do It

I remember the day my mother taught me how to tie my shoes. She first showed me how to do a standard (around the tree) knot. Then she showed me the two loop (bunny ears) shoelace knot. I found the two loop one easier to understand, so I tried it and tried it again until I got it (I think most people do it the standard way). It's amazing, though, how you do it every day without even thinking.

Speaking of shoes, I can remember owning a pair of these in grade school:

See that cool zipper on the side? You could put a few coins in there if you didn't want change in your pockets. I felt like I could run faster with these shoes on, too, since they were named KangaROOS (we all know how fast kangaroos can hop).


Mags said...

That zipper was handy when it cost a dime to call home and cell phones didn't exist!

It's funny-I never really stopped to think about how people might tie their shoes differently. I use the around the tree version.

Interesting. I wonder what makes one person choose one way and the other person choose a different way.

Not that it really matters, and I'm giving this WAY too much thought...

Thomas said...

I'm left-handed myself. That could've had something to do with my preference.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I can remember when I learned how to tie my shoes. I guess my parents had been showing me everytime they'd get me ready in the morning and then one day when I had a babysitter I sat down and was like..."let me try to do this myself" and I tied them and was so excited I kept tying and retying my sneakers.

Mags said...

You are?!?!

I'm left handed too!!!

Now I like you even better, but that doesn't explain your weirdness in the bunny tie.


the108 said...

First of all.... them shoes is HOT. Second of all... I admit it: I kept pot in mine.

The bunny ears thing drives me nuts. My kid uses it and he can't seem to tighten them enough. However, it is so much easier to explain!

Thomas said...

Perhaps the fact that it's easier to explain means it's easier for a young one to understand. That could be why I chose it over the standard way.