Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gonna Make You Sweat

Since you guys seem to be getting off on me revealing things about myself, I thought I'd give you another peek behind the curtain this morning. The seeds were planted for me on this when I was in 7th grade cooking class. The teacher, Mrs. Suchla, told us one afternoon that corporations love selling beauty products, products that most people don't even need. She mentioned how everybody wears deodorant when it's only natural for the body to sweat. I never forgot her words and never did start down the path of destruction by wearing makeup and douching. However, I did use deodorant in my high school years.

Sometime when I was in college, I decided that I didn't want to use the stuff anymore. The body is supposed to sweat when it's warm. Sweating burns calories and I love burning calories! It seems even more ridiculous to wear the stuff during winter when it's cold and everyone wears several layers of clothing, anyway. I've not used the stuff in many years. I guess this is my little way of sticking it to "the man". Now how do you like dem apples?!


Mags said...

First of all: I don't think WE'RE the ones getting off...see your post below. ;)

If you don't stink, then I suppose deodorant isn't really needed. I'm down with that.

Thomas said...

That was a good joke, Mags. dammit.