Sunday, March 25, 2007

Let's Get Physical

In the early 80's, my parents were fitness nuts. They would get up early in the morning and go jogging (usually at different times, though, since someone had to watch the kids). Jogging was the rage back then. They would typically jog a mile or two out past the city limits of Rollingstone and then return. My dad also had some heavy duty weights that he used to tone his upper body. My mom had a juicer that she used. She would put carrots and other vegetables into it. She loved carrot juice. Me, not so much.

One summer, when they were really on a health kick, they took the whole family to Zion, Illinois, to pick up some kind of supplements or something like that. I remember the name of the city because that is where Gary Coleman was born and "Diff'rent Strokes" was a big hit at the time.

My mom had a subscription to a health magazine called Prevention. I read some of it from time to time if I was bored. The magazine is still in existence to this day.

They also had a book called "Back to Eden". It was actually originally published in 1939 and contains info about vitamins, minerals, herbs, disease prevention, and so on. I always thought the title of the book was interesting.

I've saved the coolest thing that my parents did for last. The enema. I think they said it cleaned out their systems or something like that. I do remember one time seeing one of my parents lying on the bed with their cheeks spread. It traumatized me a little bit. No, just kidding. It does remind me of one other story, however. My dad was in the shower and my younger brothers were just outside the door talking and playing around. My dad came out of the shower with a stiffy and one of my brothers said in amazement, "How does he do that?" Needless to say, my brother knows how to do it now.


Rocketstar said...

naked parents, always traumatizing ;o)

the108 said...

Your parents sound wonderful, dad's stiffy and

Speaking of enemas, I want to get a colonic one day. I hear they are a great way to detox the body and I've also heard that you can lose up to ten pounds of wastes. Perhaps weird that I want one, but I'm very curious.

Skittles said...

Oh lordy... scary but funny post :)