Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Man caught videotaping women's feet

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - A cameraman was caught with some creepy video footage. The man was surreptitiously videotaping female feet in the science library at University of California, Santa Cruz, campus police said. "Officers indicated he was embarrassed by his behavior," university spokesman Jim Burns said Monday. "He offered no resistance to the request that he leave immediately and indicated he would not be back."

It's not illegal to videotape feet so no charges were filed. The name of the man, who was in his 40s and had no affiliation with the university, wasn't disclosed. He was banned from the campus for two weeks.

Vince Nova, manager of the Science and Engineering Library, said the man was seen pointing a small video camera in the vicinity of three students' feet. One of the students confronted the cameraman and he fled.

One of the female students spotted him again last Wednesday, and campus police were called. A campus officer searched the man's bag and inspected the camera.

"From the taped contents of his camera, the subject of his filming seemed to be 'feet,'" the officer wrote in his report.

Graduate student Nellie Chu said she wasn't concerned.

"It's odd, but I don't think there's any need to jump to conclusions," Chu said. "Maybe he was doing research."


the108 said...

Yeah, really! I swear... some people just like to freak out over nothing. What is the big deal if someone videotapes your feet??? Are they afraid it might end up all over the internet and people will talk???

It's fucking feet!

Rocketstar said...

A guy jerking off to feet, because you know that's what he's going to do. Humans are the wierdest frickin animals ever.

the108 said...

p.s. --------------------------->

I have feet.

Overpriced Designer Man Bag said...

what if i masturbated to the pic of your feet? wouldnt that make you uncomfortable? (or maybe flattered...)