Friday, March 23, 2007

Weird Science

In 9th grade Science class, an interesting thing happened to me. The teacher had announced a couple days before that he was bringing a smoker's lung to class later that week to look at and talk about. Sounded cool to me. I was looking forward to it. So one spring afternoon, he put it on a table and invited the class to gather round him. We looked upon the thing.

I was listening to what the teacher, Mr. Foster, had to say about it when all of a sudden, I felt very faint. I tried to walk a bit to shake it off. My head started screaming. I woke up on the floor (I had passed out), the teacher trying to revive me. Some of the students were chuckling. Mr. Foster told the class that he had seen this happen to many people over the years. After a few minutes, I got up and took it easy for the rest of that period.

I didn't think my fainting had anything to do with the lung being there. I just chalked it up to it being a hot day and the fact that I had just gotten my period.

I got a better idea of what I was dealing with a few months later.

I will go over the details in a future entry.


the108 said...

When I read, "I had just gotten my period" I panicked thinking I was on the wrong

I've seen the smoker's lung myself and think it looks a lot like moldy liver. It's always so weird to see human organs because they are usually so much smaller than we imagine them.

When I gave birth to my first kiddo, my husband was great through the whole thing. Then, after my son arrived, they had me push out the placenta and they caught it in this metal pan that looked like a litter box or lasagne pan. They put it on a counter next to the door. Dean-o was leaving the room and he passed this pan and all you saw was him start to sway a little bit at the sight of what was in there. Someone caught him before he hit the

Mags said...

If you weren't left handed I would call you a wuss.

Instead, I'll chalk it up to creative license-you were simply practicing your drama.

Rocketstar said...

"I just chalked it up to it being a hot day and the fact that I had just gotten my period. "


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I'm a tad confused. I'll go sit down now.

Fainting is not fun though.

Thomas said...

Sil, don't be confused. That "got my period" remark was a joke. Don't worry. I'm not a tranny...though if I were, think of the stories I would have.