Monday, March 26, 2007

Weird Science Part II

As the weeks went by in Mr. Foster's 9th grade Science class, I started to forget about the time that I fainted while the class was looking at a smoker's lung. In that same class, the teacher had given us assigned seats in alphabetical order. Since my last name started with D, I sat in the front row next to Brian Chadbourn and Phil Dayland. Now I don't recall what exactly precipitated it, only that the teacher was talking about something. It must've been something pretty explicit, though, because I started to feel faint and woke up on the floor in between my desk and one of the guys next to me. There were guffaws and classmates wondering how in the hell I could faint over something the teacher was talking about, but that is what happened. It turns out that I get faint not only at the sight of blood or body organs, but also of vivid descriptions of such things. Crazy, innit?

After passing out two times in his class, Mr. Foster didn't take any more chances with me. When he arranged to have a video shown that he thought might be too much for me, he had me sit in the back next to him and asked me several times during the video if I was OK. I was fine. When something came on the screen that I thought was too much, I just averted my eyes. I made it through the rest of that class and the school year without fainting.

But the episode that I would be most renowed for was yet to come.


the108 said...

Remind me, then, to not only videotape and post the upcoming birth of my child, but to describe it in great detail as well. I want to make sure you don't miss a thing :-)

And I shall warn you now.... it can be bloody and, inevitably, I might poop on the table.

And I assume I have just ruined my chances and made it very easy for you to choose between Mags and myself... hee hee.

Thomas said...

I will, indeed, read said post. I don't know how far I'll get, though. I'll let you know.

And no, you've not ruined your chances. ;)

Rocketstar said...

I love this series, can't wait for the next installment.

Have you read my vasectomy post ;o)

Mags said...


I'm the single one here. 108 is married and has kids.

I'm the one who needs the luvin!

the108 said...

Mags: Do we need to take this outside???


Thomas said...

Rocket, of course, I've read your vasec post. It was the shit. I highly recommend it to Mags and the 108.