Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Grade School

Ah yes, grade school. We were all so innocent back then.

This is the lunch box I took to school on the days that I didn't order "hot" lunch:

Those hot lunches were something else, though. I always loved pizza day. They just gave you a thin rectangular piece that was fairly tasteless, but, hey, it was pizza...at school. The only time I ever ate tater tots was at school.
Doesn't this pic make you wanna run out and go buy some?

In our cafeteria, we didn't have chairs. We had these huge tables that the janitor folded out and attached to them were circular seats, very small seats for the kindabeeners, much bigger ones for the 6th graders.

My favorite game to play in elementary was MASH (it was also called Dr. Dodgeball). We played it in the gym. A crapload of different sized rubber balls were brought out and teams were picked. Some kids were chosen to be medics. Then on the count of three, teams would grab a ball and throw it at an opponent. If that person caught the ball, the person who threw it was "out" and had to fall to the ground and wait for a medic to come. The medic would help them to the sidelines where they would be cleared to go back into the game (war). If the medic got hit while assisting, they had to be rescued as well. The game was total chaos. I loved the adrenaline rush of it.

One of my most pleasant/embarassing memories of grade school took place on the jungle gym in the playground. Each of the students in our class were required to climb the pole.

You already know what's comin', doncha? I started to climb up it and about halfway to the top, started feeling something quite pleasing in my nether regions. If I climbed too fast, I would lose the feeling. So I climbed the second half really slow to keep the feeling going. My whole class was looking up at me. Some were growing impatient. I finally reached the top and slid back down wondering what this magical feeling was (a similar experience was had here). Mom...Dad...why didn't you tell me that such things were possible?!


Rocketstar said...

thomas, you need to re-insert the photos.

DAMN, that was funnier than shit, you pole fucker ;o).

The jackin stroy is hilarious. Id don't realize that some guys paid that much attention to their first time. It almost sounds like rather than havign a wet dream as the first time, you had it on a pole.

Men are in the end, nothing more than sperm dispensers.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

You had pole dancing down to an art form didn't you?

Mags said...

I thought this was going to be another story about you knocking over a teacher.

But no, it's a story about your love of the wooden pole.