Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Live to Eat

I's been tagged by da108 to tell all of you my 5 favorite places to eat grub. So here goes:

1. Friday's (for 2 reasons: the food is awesome and in there, it's ALWAYS Friday)

2. Wendy's (I just cannot get enough of they's chicken sandwich and if I'm not in the mood for fries, there's always the caesar side salad. I love bringing a mag (not mags :P) there and perusing it as I try to eat slowly. I'll proably go there after work today)

3. Da Outback (why? Because without fail, I can feel the aftertaste of their caesar salad in my mouth hours after I've ingested it plus their burgers are basically the best in town)

4. Olive Garden (their house salad kicks ass, no two ways about it, and I've enjoyed their pizza for the past decade)

5. Macaroni Grill (their meatball lasagna is the bomb plus they serve my favorite non-soda: Hi-C Fruit Punch)

I'm not gonna tag anybody (I'm so damn hungry after writing this, I can't bear to read anyone else's thoughts about food)


the108 said...

I haven't eaten at the Macaroni Grill yet... where I come from you either like Mac Grill or Carabbas and I'm so a Carraba's

I want a fucking bloomin' onion.

SherBears said...

My sister and I ate at Olive Garden today. First time in over a year for me. LOVE the salad. And breadsticks. And their steak gorgonzola alfredo totally kicks ass.

Fallen Star said...

The joy of food...great food, is almost as exciting to me as sex.

Rocketstar said...

Nice list Thomas.

Mags said...

I really like the Olive Garden too-the chicken pizza is yummilicious.

~paige~ said...

you are all about the chains aren't you?
sounds de-lish. olive garden didn't survive in canada which was unfortunate as i loved their salad and delicious breadsticks.

Thomas said...

Damn, you chicks really like the Olive Garden. Can't say I blame you.

Fallen, I agree. These days, the 2 things I most look forward to are sex and then food. Primal urges, but VERY satisfying.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I like Wendy's and Olive Garden as well (ate at OG this Tuesday)...but the rest I just don't like...or we don't have around here (mac grill).

Mags said...

I'm not sick today damn it!


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