Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Fun

In the summer of '05 and '06, I greatly enjoyed watching a Fox reality show...hey, where are you going? It's returning for a 3rd season next week. Entitled "Hell's Kitchen", it stars British master chef Gordon Ramsay.

He can swear up a storm, but it's only because he's so passionate about making sure that a bad meal is never served in one of his restaurants. Here are some of his comments from last season:

Chef Ramsay: Fuck the lot of you!

Ramsay: So where's the fuckin' Turbot!?

Ramsay: You're going to blow fire in your face, you fucking donkey!

Ramsay: Tom has a big heart, unfortunately he's a crap cook.

Ramsay: If that was the last thing to eat in this country, I'd fucking starve.

Ramsay: (to Garrett after he only cooked one portion of quail instead of two) You're one portion short, you fucking donut.

Ramsay: (to Garrett after serving the lamb sauce) Thank you very much. Now fuck off, you fat useless sack of fucking Yankee-Dankee-Doodle shit.

Virginia: Do you like this apron?
Chef Ramsay: What does it say on there?
Virginia: Kiss the cook.
Chef Ramsay: Oh, shit.

Ramsay: Why'd you have to be so fucking rude?
Keith: Cause you're rude to me all the time.
Ramsay: So?


Mags said...

Ah. Chef Ramsey. Did you know he's won like, 10 Michelin Stars?

That's why he's allowed to act like such a dick. Most people who's been awarded those stars only get 2 or 3. But he's got like, 10.

the108 said...

That is one of my favorite shows...lol. I find myself snorting beverages out of my nose quite often as I watch. I appreciate a good potty mouth.

Rocketstar said...

I love chef Ramsey and Hells kitchen!

Proxima said...

Chef's as a manner of principle are rather anal-retentive.