Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shhh...don't tell

My job is relatively easy and stress free. I don't have to answer calls from peeved customers like I did when working at the Western Digital Rebate Center or Charter Communications. My hours are flexible. I don't have to be in at a specific time. I would take more time off here and there, but my beloved would inevitably give me crap saying I would be fired if I kept doing so (though I explained to her numerous times the flexibility of my job).

Though my job is laid back, from time to time, I REALLY want to relax (no, not like that, you dirty devils). Here's how it works: I go to the bathroom and once I've done my business, still want to stay in that quiet place (the office bathroom is self-contained, so you don't have to worry about anyone else being in the next stall or anything like that). So I'll take the time to breathe for a few minutes.

I usually like to think about where I want to eat that evening and such. Sometimes I'll text to a friend or two if the mood strikes me. I am usually quite refreshed when I return to my desk after a good bathroom sojourn.