Friday, November 28, 2008

My Dream Church

Since I’m more of a spiritual person than a religious one, I don’t go to church, but if some church were to put together something like the following, I would turn into a regular so fast it would make a Hoot Owl’s head spin:

Have all seating be extremely comfortable, ridiculously comfortable like the finest movie theatres. Serve a wide variety of healthy juices, Crystal Light Fruit Punch, in particular. Start the service by playing some really groovy techno music and encourage parishioners to dance with others of the opposite sex, even if married. Watch one of those cool videos where it looks like you’re traveling through space really fast (like at the end of “2001”).

Have everyone look at the person next to them, say “I love you” and actually mean it. Sing a few inspiring songs like Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” and Britney’s “Piece of Me”.

Go over a few pages of works by Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, or Neale Donald Walsch. Have someone speak of specific ways to let more love into one’s life (hint: give more love). Pray for Joe the Plumber (even though he's not actually a plumber). Do a 15-minute seated meditation. Give hugs freely as others share what they’re going through.


Brian said...

Haha, that's one crazy Church. I got a nice visual from your Dream Church. My church would definitely mirror a theater experience.

Stephanie said...

That's too 'safe' of a church for me, too many hugs and the like!!! :-P

I'm used to going to church (raised a Catholic) where I'm judged and felt that I wasn't good enough. It wouldn't feel like 'home' if it weren't similar. ;)

I too am more spiritual than religious so I can feel you on that point.

A family member and I got into a rather heated discussion regarding religion yesterday. I forgot who I was talking to (a Bible beater) and well ... felt like sh*t after saying what I feel.

That's just who I am. *Sigh*

Stephanie said...

Also ... 2001 has a TON of symbolism ... IF ... you know what to look for.

Just sayin'. :)

Rocketstar said...

I'll stick with the church of the NFL, it what Sundays are for, seriously, God told me so. He speaks to quite often.

Brian said...

Rocketeer, no doubt. If I were to design a dream church, it would have the NFL Superfan Pass on a bigscreen. :)