Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Nader Reaches a Nadir


Timothy Smith said...

Nader is toast, he cant even find love slamming Obama on FoxNews!

Whats the world coming to! lol.

Sarah said...

wow. ralph nader is a sad, crazy man. unbelievable. kudos to fox news though for calling him out.

Brian said...

Nader needs to go away and fast.

It is so awesome to be a part of this historical election. I really do believe in Obama and I think he's going to put everything into this presidency.

Thomas said...

Tim, it threw me for a loop as well.

Sarah, Shep did a great job at being appropriately stunned by the comment.

Brian, I totally agree. I'm pleased to see that the guy three comments above is even starting to become a believer. :)

Brian said...

Yep, it's time to put aside our different opinions with the former candidates and stand behind our new President.

Rocketstar said...

He should be ashamed to have cost this nation the Bush presidency

Timothy Smith said...

My biggest beef with candidates is creating division but I have said over and over I understand this during an election. I have always had high hopes for Obama and tend to be a positive thinking person so I stand firmly behind him now.

I always trusted his motives and thought he was exceptionally bright.

As far as his judgment we have to wait and see. So far I like his cabinet moves.

I also like how he plans to converse with the people on the economy, I think he sees the fear in the markets after his election and plans to move more centrist on economic policy which is what I was hoping for.

I hope he looks out for us small businesses. The better I do the more I can hire and expand and his comments relating to this have been more then encouraging.

Now that the election is over the need for class warfare and partisan talk is over and Obama seems to know this more then anyone else. I think he plans to heal the nation before moving forward.

Very impressed so far. I am also very excited for minorities as now more then ever America has proven its the land of opportunity.

I am still not a believer in raising capital gains right now but Obama seems to have become a believer in my own economic policy!