Thursday, November 06, 2008

Scuzz Bucket

"I recognize that because of my margin of victory, Mr. Franken has the right to pursue an official review of the election results. It is up to him whether such a step is worth the tax dollars it will take to conduct."

Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman, after beating Al Franken by 725 votes (that lead has now been cut to 239). More than 2 million votes were cast. Recounts are required by state law for races where the margin is less than one half of one percent.


Timothy Smith said...

Scuzz Bucket huh? If it was the other way around the exact same thing would be said.

The guy ahead wants to stop the recount and the guy behind is all for it. Everyone that wants Coleman to win wants it stopped and Franken supporters want to "count every vote"

If the numbers were flipped the supporters on both sides simply switch views.


You simply have to do a recount in these situations (even if it wasn't law this is just too close not to double check).

Something to be said about run off elections, they take care of this type of thing rather well.

This is for an important post so a state-wide manual recount is in order and yes...the cost is justified.

Thomas said...

I just think it's really sleazy for Norm to say that Al should concede and then try to justify it by saying it will save taxpayers money.

Getting the vote count right is priceless and as you saw, Norm's lead has dropped from 725 to 236 and the recount hasn't even started yet!

If Franken was ahead, I would feel exactly the same. Whoever truly got the most votes should serve for the next 6 years (either way, a Jew wins, though I prefer the funny guy).

Sarah said...

i assume that is coleman's wife? they have a strange resemblance to one another.

Brian said...

You should know that all politicians are scuzzy and douchey to some extent.

A recount is definitely needed, the votes are too close.

Perhaps the resemblence in the couple is from the cheesy smile they both have.

Rocketstar said...

I can't stand Coleman, he's a sleazeball.

I actually do not think that if roles were reversed that Franken would say no recount, I think he has more character than that.

Timothy Smith said...

"I actually do not think that if roles were reversed that Franken would say no recount, I think he has more character than that."

I disagree, this kind of close call has happened many times in the past. The idea is to win and every single time the guy ahead wants the results to stand.

Its a pointless argument though as a recount is mandatory in this case without a concession and no one behind by so few votes would do so after so much effort being put into a campaign.

I would like to see Franken win this one myself.

Thomas said...

Sarah, you're right. That is his life partner.

Brian, no doubt that most all politicos are at least somewhat scummy.

Rocket & Tim, let the recount begin.

disestablishingpuritanism said...

Norm Coleman is another one whose policy postitions are too far to the right. Then again, people are turned off by Franken b.c. he's a (hush) LIBERAL. Looking at the House and Senate, there are numerous moderate Democrats. I hope we do go Liberal. We've seen how well Conservative has turned out.

A once obscure Jim Martin needs strong grassroots support to defeat an even further-to-the-Right candidate, Saxby Chambliss. Our state law says any election other than the general Presidential one where the frontrunner gathers less than 50 percent must be determined through a runoff. Chambliss ran one of the nastiest campaigns against Max Clelland in 2002, questioning Clelland's military service, while Chambliss deffered due to falling off a sidewalk and suffering from a bum leg. Chambliss is also someone who is further to the Right on social issues than G.W. The country is better off without these anti-enlightenment, Evangelical pandering politicians.

Timothy Smith said...

"The country is better off without these anti-enlightenment, Evangelical pandering politicians."

Well said..