Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Birthday Weekend Part II

Saturday was the day after my birthday, but that didn't mean the celebrating was over. My mom couldn't make it out to Rochester the night before because of the snowstorm, but had no problem driving up Saturday afternoon.

I met her at the Olive Garden. I had OG's house salad and pizza. My mom had some type of pasta dish. My mom told the waiter that it was my birthday (though that wasn't technically true). He brought out a pretty tasty cake, the kind that mom used to slap together at home. For the second night in a row, I opened presents (this time from my mom). I got a card, a long-sleeve shirt, winter gloves, and a receipt to get a book at Barnes & Noble that was temporarily out of stock.


After supper, it was off to the movies once again. Mom had seen Borat on Jay Leno a couple nights before and didn't think he was that funny, so wasn't up to seeing his movie. She wanted to see Will Ferrell in "Stranger than Fiction". "Borat" was starting 10 minutes after "Fiction", so I snuck into their screening room to see where she was sitting. She was about 4 rows back.

For the second night in a row, I was going to see "Borat". I sat in pretty much the same seat as I had the night before with Shanon banana. Again, the theatre filled up as showtime got closer. I think there were even more people at Saturday's show than the one the night before. The movie started and the fun began. I mentioned that during the male-naked-fight on Friday, Shanon had averted his eyes. Well, on Sat, this lady in the row behind me was also uncomfortable seeing two naked male bodies up close, but instead of averting her eyes, she actually covered them. She kept her hands over her eyes for the whole fight and asked her boyfriend to let her know when it was over. When Borat served a former congressman cheese "made from his wife's tit", I saw her shake her head and say, "That's not right." Near the end of the movie, there was a part where they showed a few seconds of the fight again. When that came up, she again covered her eyes.

After the show was over, I waited in the lobby for mom to get out of their show. Mom said it was pretty good. And with that, my 36th birthday celebration was officially over.

Incidentally, "Borat" has been the number one movie in the country for the last two weeks.


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