Thursday, November 02, 2006


Though the days are getting colder, I still like taking walks outside while at work. I would typically wear my winter coat, cap, and gloves. However, I bought a new winter jacket a couple months ago. Its colors are orange and gray. My gloves, on the other hand, are blue and black. What I mean by that is that one is blue and the other is black (I can't find the matches for either). Not wanting to look like a dork when my coworkers drive by, I've elected to leave my gloves in the car and just walk with the sleeves of my jacket covering my hands. I have to say that my hands actually stay warmer under my jacket than they do when wearing gloves (The fact that gloves separate each finger probably has a lot to do with this). If it's really cold out, then once I get a few blocks away from work (where none of my colleagues will see me), I put the stocking cap over my face in true ski-mask fashion.

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