Monday, November 06, 2006

Yet Another Autumnal Night at the Movies

I went out with Shanon this past weekend. He drove out from little Lewiston on Saturday afternoon. We stopped at his favorite place to buy DVD's (Pawn America) before going out to eat at Friday's. To avoid a wait, we ate at what's called a "high-top" table in their bar. He ordered something really wacky for an appetizer: Fried Mac & Cheese. Not my bag, but he seemed to enjoy it. We both ordered burgers.

Now, this guy is a huge horror fan. Last fall, he went to "Saw II" while I was tucked away watching Nicolas Cage in "The Weather Man". Just a few weeks ago, he went to the new "Texas Chainsaw" movie while I went to "The Illusionist". I kept bringing up the new "Saw" movie which he hadn't seen yet. We agreed yet again to disagree. He bought a ticket to "Saw III" while I went to a slow-as-molasses drama filmed in Minnesota called, "Sweet Land".

It mostly takes place in the 1920's (around the time my grandma was born). Just as Shanon looked forward to be taken to a place where he can see people be tortured by Jigsaw, so too, did I look forward to be taken back in time a few generations. While watching the movie, I pondered how it really wasn't that long ago that people lived off the land, that the towns by necessity were close-knit, that without TV or the movies, people still found things to do.

After the movie, I met up with Shanon. He said "Saw III" was even better than "II" and that he looked forward to continuing the adventure with "Saw IV" next Halloween.

Though we were in different screening rooms for the past two hours, we both went home happy.

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