Friday, November 03, 2006


I like you! I like sex! Today is the day that "Borat" opens nationwide. It is being released in about 800 theatres today and is set to open wider in a week or two. It seems like forever since I saw the sneak preview of it in Edina on September 20th of this year. As you can see, the reviews are fantastic:

86 reviews of the movie with 82 being positive. That pretty much says it all.

It's not opening in Rochester until at least next week, so I plan to drive 70 miles tomorrow and see it in Inver Grove Heights (a suburb of the Twin Cities). The last time I was at that theatre was in the summer of 1999 when I saw "The Blair Witch Project" (another movie that opened on a limited basis to start out with). I plan to go to a early afternoon show. It's showing on 2 screens there. If I'm really pumped, I may see it 2 times in a row (something I don't believe I've ever done with the same movie). I would go up with my friend, Shanon, but he has to work tomorrow until 2pm. I'll probably see it with him when it comes to Rochester.

Wish me luck tomorrow. Jagshamesh!

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