Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Music

Today I will be starting a series in which I write about my favorite Christmas records (the term "CD" just doesn't do it for me). In late '93, I was just getting over my depression and had met quite a few people through Inter-Varsity at Winona State.


So it was that one afternoon I went with several of them to LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Their favorite store there was called the Shepherd's Voice. If you were a Christian, they pretty much had everything you could ever want. I perused a bit, but didn't buy anything. One of the items that caught my eye, however, was this huge book that had thousands of names in it. Each name was printed on a colorful card with the meaning of the name printed underneath. Obviously, I looked up my name (who wouldn't?) My name means "twin".

Next we went to Target (Winona didn't have a Target at this time). I looked in the music section and found a newly released Christmas cassette (I didn't have a CD player at this time) by Vince Gill. As a bonus, it included a cassingle of Vince and Trisha's duet together, "Another Angel Gets Its Wings" (a song I was familiar with and liked). I bought the tape and shortly after that, we headed back to Winona. Later that night, I showed my friends what I had purchased.

It wasn't a Christian recording per se, but it did say, "Let There Be Peace On Earth" and had a star on the cover and the bonus cassingle did mention angels, so it was pretty close (keep in mind that I had become quite spiritual, but preferred country music over straight up gospel). I listened to the recording that night and enjoyed it, especially "One Bright Star"

They saw the Light in the darkness
It shines on us in tenderness
It brings out the hope that's in all of us
May it shine its light on you this Christmas Night

and his rockin' instrumental of "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town". I remember driving around with my friend, Brian, one night while listening to the tape. My mom bought it on CD that holiday season. Though there are a few too many slow songs on it for my tastes, it always takes me back to the Christmas of 1993 when anything seemed possible.

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