Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vince Gill - Concert Review: Part II

During the intermission, I went to go to the bathroom. Whoever designed the O'Shaughnessy auditorium didn't have a frickin' clue. The only bathrooms in the building were in the bowels (how appropriate) of it. There was a heck of a line of guys waiting to get into the bathroom. I wasn't gonna wait, so went outside already know what's comin', doncha?

No, I actually headed for the college's main commons building. Luckily, it was still open. I entered and searched for a restroom. I passed the college's bookstore which was closed. It quickly brought to mind the days when I would go to Winona State's bookstore and pay well over a hundred dollars for the books I would need to buy for that quarter (They didn't start semesters at WSU until after I left). There was a guy studying in one of the lounges. I finally found the men's room. Afterward, I headed back to the auditorium.

As I headed to my seat, an announcement was made that the show would be resuming in 5 minutes. I knew that the next segment of the concert was gonna be "grass". I like grass.

Vince came out by himself and told several amusing stories about his late father. How his dad's favorite outfit to wear was a cap and overalls with no shirt. How he smoked several packs of cigarettes a day. We're talkin' a real redneck here. He mentioned how as a 15-year old, he was praying that his mom would teach him how to drive since his dad had such a short fuse. However, his dad came home one day and told him to get in the truck. After a few minutes on the quieter streets, his dad told him to pull out onto the busiest street in town. Vince was shaking (this was his first time driving, after all). His dad yells at him to go. So he pulls out in front of a GTO whose driver swerves to miss them and then flips them off. His dad then says, (and you're not gonna believe Vince said this, but he was simply repeating what his dad had said) "Follow that son of a bitch!" They did catch up to GTO boy. With both cars now stopped, the guy in the GTO comes out of his car with a tire iron. His dad asks, "Are you gonna use that tire iron in this fight?" GTO boy says, "Yes" and then Vince's dad said, "Then this fight is over." He must've talked about his old man for a good 10 minutes. Everyone was enraptured. His dad passed about 8 years ago and Vince wrote a song for him called "The Key to Life". He then sang it for all to enjoy (I remember seeing him perform it on the CMA's many years ago and breaking up near the end of it).

After that, a few of his band members (banjo player, fiddle player, etc.) came out to play selections from his acoustic (bluegrass) album. Vince sang about a lady named "Molly Brown" and about how he's "All Prayed Up". He also sang a song that he wrote for Amy called "Sweet Augusta Darlin". He said she loves that song. All enjoyable stuff, but I was looking forward to the last segment. Vince introduced it by saying in a British accent, "Now it's time for the Rockin' portion of our show".

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