Monday, November 06, 2006

Vince Gill - Concert Review: Part III

Yes, indeed. It was now time for Vince to rock out. He sang quite a few songs from his "Workin' On A Big Chill" (rockin') disc. Like the country portion of the show, there were about 15 musicians playing with Vince during this stretch.

Inspired by the proliferation of erectile dysfuntion ads that ran when he watched sporting events, Vince wrote the song, "Cowboy Up" (he sings it with Gretchen Wilson on the CD). The title character in the song is an African-American woman named Levitra.

It was during one of these rockin' songs that I experienced a feeling of transcendence. The band was totally rockin' and jammin' and a blissful feeling came over me. That's the power of music.

The last song Vince sang in the rockin' set was a jazzed-up version of "What the Cowgirls Do". Vince thanked everyone for coming. The audience stood up and he exited. From browsing the internet, I knew that an encore was coming. The crowd cheered and Vince came back out a couple minutes later. Some people who thought that the show was over or were too tired to stay any longer (the show started at 8 and it was now after 11) began to leave. I took this opportunity to move about 7 rows closer than our original seats. This offered a much better view of the Okie boy.

Vince launched into the title track of his '3 album, "Next Big Thing". Then came "Whenever You Come Around" followed by the barn burner "Liza Jane". I thought "Liza" would be it, but Vince had one more song to play from his new album(s) and it is a doozy. Check out these lyrics:

You read the business page
See how you did today
You live up on the hill
You've got a view that kills
Never wonder why

After you've counted everything you saved
Do you ever hit your knees and pray?
You know there's gonna be a judgment day
So what will you say?

(Chorus) No matter what you make
All that you can take
Is what you give away
What you give away

There's people on the street
Ain't got enough to eat
You just shake your head
The measure of a man is one who lends a hand
That's what my father said

No matter what you make
All that you can take
Is what you give away

You know it's not too late
It's all for Heaven's sake
What you give away

With the backup singers hitting all the right notes, the song became a spiritual hymn and we were all united knowing, without question, that helping one's fellow man was, indeed, the answer. A fantastic finish for a fantastic show. The crowd gave one more standing-o as Vince and the band exited for the last time.

I waited for the auditorium to empty before leaving. I walked to my car and headed out. I noticed a couple dozen people standing outside by Vince's bus. They apparently were waiting for a meet-and-greet with the sexy boy. It was late, so I passed on waiting as well. I had read that Vince's concert would go over 3, 3 and a half hours and, indeed, it did. I left St. Paul stopping only in Cannon Falls to get gas.

I arrived home, exhausted, but happy. My 4th Vince Gill concert was my favorite of his yet and if he came back with the exact same show next year, I would buy tickets in a heartbeat.

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