Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bedtime Stories

There are three notable things I do upon hitting the sack each night. First, I put on ear plugs to drown out the noise from the telly. Next, I have a small fan that I turn on. It's good for white noise, but I also like having a breeze blowing on me as well. Lastly, I take off all my clothes (does that make you girls horny?). My Pomeranian, Zoe 2.0, likes to sleep under the bed (just as her predecessor did). I put a comforter under the bed for her so she doesn't have to sleep on the relatively uncomfortable carpet. When in bed, I always place the alarm clock on the floor and turned away from me (so when I open my eyes in the night, I'm not distracted by what time it is). I get up at least once every night to go to the bathroom. Invariably, I head to the kitchen to get something to eat, typically cereal or pancakes. I used to always eat Swiss Rolls in the middle of the night, but was able to all but alleviate this by putting the cakes in the basement (I'm too lazy in the middle of the night to obtain them down there).


Mags said...

You make pancakes in the middle of the night?


Nice additions to the sidebar-pics, links etc...

Rocketstar said...


People’s sleeping habits are fascinating. Everyone has their own little quirks. We use a noise machine, “the rolling stream” noise.

“Lastly, I take off all my clothes (does that make you girls horny?) – LOL

“Invariably, I head to the kitchen to get something to eat, typically cereal or pancakes.”
--- Wow, and you can get back to sleep after raising your blood sugar like that

Brian in Mpls said...

I have to sleep with a fan on too.

I am the opposite with the alarm clock though I can stand to wake up and not be able to see the time right there.

the108 said...

A fan is a must. I need one that is on a timer so that I am freezing all night and then right before I wake up, it starts blowing warm air.

I'm not sure which makes me hornier... you, or the pancakes.


Mags said...

First, I rub lotion all over....


Or should I use maple syrup?

Thomas said...

Mags, they're microwavable pancakes (only take about 60 seconds to "make"). Thanks for noticing the sidebar. I paid some nerd $200 to "pimp" my weblog.

Rocket, yeah, I always fall right back asleep after having a snack. It would be harder for me to sleep with an empty stomach.

Brian, good to know I'm not the only who likes having a fan on all night.

108, you must REALLY like pancakes!

Mags, how about just butter (biscuit lotion)?

~paige~ said...

wooo thomas...the nekkid thing made me blush. and where is kyra today. i know she loves her some nekkid thomas.
i too have to sleep with a fan. i like to be cold when i sleep.

Thomas said...

Paige, there's nothing wrong with blushing. It's better than what Kyra's doing right now (she told me she has the Hershey squirts this afternoon, so is pretty much out of commission).

the108 said...

Paige.... Kyra is here. I had to take a quick break to rub pancakes all over myself while thinking about Thomas's hot, naked body.

I was thinking about making a pancake bikini and photographing myself in it, but my skillet isn't equipped to handle the size of pancake I would need to make for each boob.

But I'm still trying to work this out.

the108 said...

Ew, Thomas!!!!!!!!

You have the Hershey squirts, you fucking douche!


Thomas said...

Kyra, you know I was just shittin' about you being on the toilet.

Thanks for the script of what you were doing this afternoon with the pancakes. I just innoculated...