Wednesday, April 11, 2007

November 9, 1999 - Journal entry

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday. My mother plans to come to Rochester and take me out to dinner tomorrow evening. I've spent most of this lifetime living in Winona (pictured below).

It's kind of hard to believe that I haven't lived there for three years. I do like going back to visit, however. I'm never quite sure who I might run into. I was in Winona last week and saw one of my former college professors as well as a friend of my brothers at the Winona Taco John's. It's always a treat when I notice someone I haven't seen in awhile. Of course, my mother still lives there as do the girls, Phil, my father and his wife, Arthur D, Bob Kuhlmann, Brian Chadbo, and a few others. Arthur and my mom are my two favorite people to visit in the "Island City". Winona doesn't really have as much to offer as Rochester, but I do like the bluffs, the small town flavor, the familiar faces, and the memories.

Now, as far as being 29. Well, most would prefer being in their 20's instead of their 30's. And this is understandable. I have mostly enjoyed my 20's, especially my mid to late 20's. Presently, I am living in a relative world which consists of time and space. And although I live on beyond these constraints (as does everyone else), for this moment, while with this body, I am living within the illusion of time. But since time is an illusion, my body's age is irrelevant. For I am not my body and when my body is no longer useful, I will drop it and continue to live on.

That's what I heard on Oprah today, anyway.


the108 said...

Goddamned Oprah. That woman could take over the world!

Thomas said...

Yeah, she has millions of women hanging on her every word. I shudder to think what Brian in Mpls would do with that kind of power.