Friday, April 20, 2007

Should I Do It?

Tonight my office is having an "after work socializing opportunity" at a place called the Viking Lounge. It should be a good time. I've never been to this bar before nor have I ever gotten drunk. As mentioned in a prior post (2-16-07), I didn't have my first taste of alcohol until I was 22. Since then, I usually only drink on New Years' Eve (wine cooler or champagne) and some years, I don't drink at all. This got me to thinking if I should go for it and get "plastered" this evening. Since I've never experienced it before, I was curious what you guys had to say about the subject. Is the buzz worth the hangover? How long does the typical hangover last? What are some good ways to reduce the effects of a hangover? In sum, should I go for it and if so, what poisons should I ingest to get there?


Mags said...

Oh Tommy...such an amature. ;)

I don't suggest getting drunk with your coworkers. Not at all.

However, I think you should have a few beers or glasses of wine and just feel nice.

Do you have a driver?

Thomas said...

I suppose having just a few glasses would be fine. Yes, I could get a ride home if necessary.

Thanks for your input, Mags, and please, for sanity's sake, get a good night's sleep this evening.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Drinking is fun, as long as you don't go overboard. I've never had any real hangovers...just a tad headachy the next day from lack of sleep so I can't tell you if the hang over is worth it.

Mags said...

Why? Am I acting like a nut or are you just being nice? You'd tell me right?

OMG. Am I acting NUTS THOMAS!?!!?



Thank you...I hope you have fun tonight.

Mags said...

I suggest a mojito. They're scrumptious.

the108 said...

Alright. Let's do this.

If you hate the taste of alcohol and want to get the hjob done, there are two methods:

1. Do shots. It's quick and when done correctly, you won't suffer for long. Tequila would put you over the top the fastest but it tastes like shit. You can follow tequila with salt and lime, but I don't like it. Ask the bartender if he has oranges and cinnamin which is much better. Also, pick a good tequila, like Pitron. Other good shootin' liquors are vodka and rum if you're the kind of guy who gets all angry on tequila. Some people just can't do it. The easiest shot to do is Jack Daniels. But, it won't get you drunk as fast as tequila. Be warned about tequila, though... it creeps up on you a bit. Do a couple of shots and wait about 15 minutes to see where it puts you.

2. Go for the hardcore mixed drink. Not a pussy mixed drink like rum and cokes. You'd have to drink so many of them to get drunk and then you'll be sick from all the soda. Long Island iced tea is a great choice. Drink two of them and you'll be plastered.

If you don't want to get tired while getting plastered, get yourself a Red Bull and Vodka or two. Sometimes, alcohol will make you tired... to keep up energy, drink a coupla these babies.

Make sure you have a friend with you and try to ease into it so that you don't end up smacking your face on the toilet. Also.... make arrangements for a ride home. Try to stay aware of what you're doing... being drunk can be fun, but it can also make you do things you might not normally do. When getting drunk with coworkers, you wanna watch this. It can be great to let loose with the people you work with, but try not to give them much to talk about. Keep your clothes on.

Once you are sufficiently plastered and want to go home, stop and get some pancakes. They'll help soak up the booze so that you don't feel sick the next day. Before bed, drink a glass of water and take a couple of Tylenol. This will help with a headache. In the morning, take a dose of dayquil. It'll cure what ails ya and... drink a beer.

You might not want to eat, but once you do you may feel better.

This concludes Kyra's guide to getting shitty.

Rocketstar said...

thomas, hewre is some advice from a "professional drinker"

If you don't drink, stick to this rule, one drink per hour. If yoou want to put a little buzz on, make it 1 1/2 drinks per hour. Anymore than 1 1/2 drinks and you will not be feeling well the next morning.

The liver can process 1 drink per hour. So any more than that and the effects kick in.

Do not get drunk the first time ever with co-workers, not a good idea. With that ripped body (the108), the girls will be all over you and you may just go home with them ;o)

Have fun man.

the108, Your plan is a good one for getting shitty, but I think you forgot the fact that thomas doesn't drink. Shots? No way man, thomas don;'t do shots.

Thomas said...

Sil, you say drinking is fun. That's all I need to know.

Mags, thanks for suggesting the mojito. I went to Wikipedia to learn about it (I had never heard of the fuckin' thing before). Sounds tasty, you dirty devil...

the 108, thanks for your comprehensive instructions (I'm gonna print them out and take them to the bar).

Rocket, 1 or 1 and a half drinks every hour sounds quite sensible. I have to admit, however, that I've let myself go a bit since that pic of me posted by Kyra was taken.

All, thanks for the suggestions. I shall try to have "fun" tonight.

the108 said...

Oh yeah. I forgot about that.

The first time I ever got drunk was when I was in high school and drank an entire bottle of pepermint schnapps. I gave myself alcohol poisoning and woke up in the parking lot of my school the next morning in someone else's clothes and the principal standing over me. I was in the bushes by the

You don't want that. Be safe.

~paige~ said...

I agree with Mags a doodle doo on this. Go, have a nice buzz but try to remain upright.
My bev of choice by the way is malibu and pineapple. Have one for me will ya?
In any event, have a blast. If by some crazy fluke you end up dancing nekkid on the bar don't forget to get some pictures taken for your bloggin buddies

Thomas said...

Paige, I read your comment, "Go, have a nice buzz but try to remain upright" and thought for a minute that it said uptight. he he

Enjoy your weekend as well. Lord knows you deserve it!

Rocketstar said...

Hey thomas, So what happened at the party?

Skittles said...

While the wife's away the boys will play? :)

Mags said...


~paige~ said...

oh my gawd, do you think our dear thomas is still passed out at the bar?

Brian in Mpls said...

God I missed you guys....How did it go?

Mags said...

Oh no.

I think I need to go to MN to check on my Tommy...

Uh oh!