Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mom, I'm an Atheist

Check this out. A kid tells his Catholic mom that he no longer believes in God.


Mags said...

Call me crazy, but I don't know why that's supposed to be funny. (It's on or something like that)

Thomas said...

I thought the overreaction of the mother was somewhat amusing, but, yeah, I wouldn't say it's super funny.

It's interesting to me how threatened some parents feel when their children try on beliefs that aren't exactly the same as theirs. I would want my child to approach every subject, including God, with an inquiring mind and not believe every little thing that he is spoonfed by his parents.

Enjoy your day off, Ms. Moo! If you get bored, make your bed :P

the108 said...

How very Old Testament. That woman needs to do something about her anger. You just do not act like that to your child when they come to you with something like this.

Scott said...

I think someone's faith or lack of faith can only be determined by doing alot of meditating and studying, you can't just take your parents word for it, or as Thomas said, spoonfed it.

I can see both perspectives. You look at how complex the body is, the universe, and can't help think there has to be a Creator. You wouldn't look at a beautiful house and figure something weird happened, and all of a sudden, it appeared there, you know it had to have a creator.

But on the other side, people are taught that the Creator had no beginning. We're told that everything had to have a Creator, but with him, it doesn't apply. It's very hard to grasp. That's where faith comes in. As a human, you reason we weren't created intelligent enough to understand that, or else you just chalk it up to no God existing.

Parents are always going to be upset when their kids go against the grain. Whether they want out of the religion, want to be gay, or whatever else they decide that is opposite of the family.

I think that mother does act like a hypocrite. Anyone that professes to be a Christian, is supposed to be displaying Christlike qualities. You think Jesus would have treated someone like that if they said they didn't believe in God. He would have calmly reasoned with them and made them think about it, rather than get in a rage over it.

Brian in Mpls said...

I loved the use of withholding Christmas presents for lack of belief that is priceless!!

Scott said...

lol, appeal to a kids selfish desires, and he'll believe!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Thomas!

I'm so glad you found me. Looking over your blog, you're so my kind person! Esp. pets and movies.

As for the video, I think every adolescent explores what faith means to them. Being in high school, you start to decide what beliefs you'll hold for yourself and which ones you'll leave for others. There's also a great Simpson's episode when Lisa go window shopping for a new religion. Then she meets Richard Gere in a Buddhist temple, but I can't remember if she stayed with the Buddhism or not. Hey, that mom on the video had a "potty mouth" too. 10 "hail mary's" for her.

Rocketstar said...

I love it. You would think the boy just told his mother he pissed on her pillow or something.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Gotta love the Catholic mothers. They are good with the over reacting and freaking out over stuff without bothering to listen to reason.

Plus, she's such a hypocrite if she considers herself to be a "good" Catholic using the language she did.

I would give her an F in parenting.

Mags said...

Thomas...go back to my blog and click the picture of my bed.

Thomas said...

the108, quite true.

Scott, indeed, one must come to their own truth. For a time when I was that age, I didn't really believe, either. We must respect the paths that each of us are on.

Brian, that is pretty wack, I have to admit.

Proxima, I think I saw that Simpsons ep as well. I remember it being quite good. I enjoy your blog as well.

Rocket, I'd hate to see her reaction if her son told her something really bad, like, that he got some chick pregnant.

Sil, agreed.

Mags, I did do as you instructed. Wah-wah-wee-wah!!