Thursday, April 26, 2007

Email I sent to my old friend, Art, and his response

Dat sounds aight. There's too many people goin already. debbie, a kids, shanon, laura, me, dori, jackie, gene might come. If yous geezers come, you'd probably ave to sit at anotha table anyway. I can maybe videotape da party, so yous won't miss anythin. Me don't ave a clue if a geeza who digs eminem should be borrowin tupperware, but I know yous need da mula. Ave a wicked day, main man.

learn how to spell words cause you don’t make sense are you retarded cause I am not retarded


Rocketstar said...

It looks like he used the D'Ali G translator.

Thomas said...

You have learned much, young one. Actually, I was the one who used the translator and then his response came after.

Mags said...

Are you retarded?

Because I'm not retarded.

You are retarded.


Proxima said...

I noticed when I first came over that you wrote your profile in a similar manner. I just figured you were trying to add and "accent" and flavor to your writing. I also wondered if it took you a long time to write with that colloquialism.

Still, without a lot of context (like an email) you can't expect everyone to get it, however, maybe Art did get it and his reponse is in jest and I would not know this because I am lacking context as to his personality.

I'm thinking outloud too much aren't I? I'll shut up now.

Have a good day!

Thomas said...

Proxima, the secret is that there is a website where you can enter any sentence and it automatically translates it into ghetto-type-speak.

Some people (like Art) might not get it, but to me, it is hilarious stuff.

You have a great day also!

Brian in Mpls said...

That is hilarious!!

the108 said...

First of all.... Sacha, I love you!!!!

Second of all... I use the Snoop Dogg translator from time to time which is also funny as it adds "izzle" to everything.

Third....I'm an asshole because whenever someone calls someone else retarded, I laugh. I can't help it. I know I *shouldn't*, but I'm gonna anyway.