Friday, April 27, 2007

November 2, 1999 - Journal entry

On Friday, I went to Winona to see Arthur and had a pretty good time. We ate at Taco John's where I saw one of my old college professors, Don Salyards. I had two economics classes with him. His favorite saying was, "and here's the kicker..." He wore an apron (that said "Dr. Don" on it) when he was at the chalkboard so as not to get his clothes dirty. I also saw Alvin Smothers at TJ's. My brothers used to know him. This one time, Matt was playing outside and saw Alvin just up the road. Matt was about 13 years old and had heard that Alvin had access to videos of a sexual nature, so he yelled to him, "Do some business!" He was able to get a super explicit video from him and watched it. And let other friends like Pete and Pat watch it, too. Like the ring of power in "LOTR", the video corrupted all who watched. After a few months, he destroyed it. I think he felt guilty about having it or it could just be that he grew tired of watching the same old scenes over and over again. Either way, he didn't just throw it away. He tore it into little pieces so no one would ever be corrupted by it again.

On a related note, after we got done eating, Arthur asked me to take him to the adult book and video store that opened in Winona about 2 weeks ago. I told him about the private booths in back. He didn't have much money, so I gave him a dollar so that he had 5 bucks to watch a half hour of any video he wanted. He chose a video that consisted of several dozen women waiting patiently in line for their turn to have sex with a man. It was called, "Put it in Reverse". He told me that he did satisfy himself, more than once, actually. Then afterward, he didn't want to tell his wife he had been there, but did fess up to it later that night. I was actually pretty tired from working earlier in the day, but did, for the most part, have a good evening.


Mags said...

Where were you when he was satisying himself? Sitting in the car waiting like a good boy, right?

Thomas said...

No, I walked around downtown for about a half hour and then returned to the scene of the crime.

~paige~ said...

hmmmm. maybe i am strange but i don't get or relate to men's obsession with porn. i actually hate it. i don't get it at all

the108 said...

The video reminds me of the video in the Ring that kills anyone who watches

I've always wanted to go to one of those adult video stores that has the booths where you can watch movies only I want to show up with a giant beach bag full of bizarre things and a bag of popcorn.

That would be fun.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

More like The Ring then LOTR. :)

I used to occassionally go to South Street in Philly with my buddies from h.s. (all guys) and they'd go in the sex shops just for a laugh and I'd always just stand outside pretending to be totally engrossed with a newspaper.

Rocketstar said...

That reminds me of one of my fantasies... To have a line of beautiful women on all fours and I would go from one to the other until I exploded.

Sorry, was that out loud?