Monday, October 09, 2006

Almighty, then...

One of my favorite movies from '3 was the Jim Carrey blockbuster, "Bruce Almighty". One of his last big movies, Carrey was at the top of his game. When a sequel was announced, Carrey said he didn't want to be involved. So the lead role went to a supporting player in the first movie, Evan (the anchorman who was compelled by Bruce to say the most unusual things while he was live on-the-air). Evan was played by a guy whose stock has gone up big-time since '3, Steve Carell. Carell starred in "The 40 Year Old Virgin", the funniest movie I saw last year. Next summer he will be back at multiplexes in "Evan Almighty". The sequel again stars Morgan Freeman as God. Below is a pic from the eagerly awaited flick:

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