Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Make Your Tummy Go Yummy...

In the early 90's while attending college, I often ate lunch at Godfather's Pizza. They had a buffet, but I would always order the mini pan pizza with pepperoni and green peppers along with a pop. If it was really busy, though, (and I was still hungry), I would often go up to the buffet and sneak a piece of dessert or taco pizza off of it.

One afternoon, when there was hardly anyone there, one of the employees saw me eyeing the buffet and said, "Brad's gonna kick you out if you take anything off the buffet". Ah, fudge it!

I usually brought something along to read (like Country Weekly) while I was eating and sometimes even played a videogame or two as well. I loved to play songs on their jukebox. I would enjoy seeing people's reactions when I played something really lame, like say, "Achy Breaky Heart".

The restaurant was right across from the movie theatre, so there'd be many a time where I would have lunch there and then go to a matinee.

Godfather's eventually moved to a location overlooking the Mississippi, but for a few years there, it was my favorite place to chow down.

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