Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I love movies!

I saw two movies earlier this summer that are coming soon to DVD. Here's my take on them:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I thought the first movie was OK, not as good as I was hoping for, though (I'd give the first movie a B). With the sequel breaking box-office records left and right, I thought it might be good to check it out. The reviews were pretty blah. And they were least as far as I'm concerned. I enjoyed the swordfights and some of Captain Jack's (Depp) schtick, but it did get a bit long (The movie is over 2 and a half hours and the supersized sea creature got to be a bit taxing). Overall, like the first, I give this one a B. If I gave it a B-, that would transfer to thumbs down. So this one just barely was passable for me. If you liked the first, however, you should enjoy this. Call me crazy, but I will probably go to the theatre next Memorial Day to view the final chapter in the "Jack Sparrow" saga.

Right after "Pirates", I went to the computer animated "Monster House". It was half as long as "Pirates", but actually more enjoyable. It takes place in the 80's and the main kid in it reminded me a bit of myself as a child.

It was exec-produced by 2 of my favorites: Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg. I don't generally like CGI movies. I usually find them to be too childish (I rolled my eyes a number of times during "Finding Nemo", for instance). This one was more grown up, though (while still being fun), and held my interest throughout. I give it an A-.

Until next time, the balcony is closed.

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