Thursday, October 26, 2006

Garth Part III

I was set. Tickets to 5 of Garth Brooks' 9 shows at the Target Center in Minneapolis. The first show I would be attending was just gonna be me. The seats weren't the greatest, however. They were in the upper level and facing the back of the stage. I printed directions off our PC and made final preparations.

I left plenty early in my 2-door '95 emerald green Neon. I found a parking ramp located just a few blocks from the Center. I had plenty of time, so walked through a mall that was nearby. I ate at their food court, McDonald's if you can believe it (I don't eat there anymore). I had some chicken nuts as my dad once called them.

A little over an hour before showtime, I mosied over to the Center. There were lots of people outside, but no one selling tickets (scalping), which was a bit surprising to me. The atmosphere that early fall evening was electric. GB was in town, for perhaps the last time. I entered the facility, looked at some of the Garth trinkets up for sale, and then found my seat.

Garth wasn't the only one performing that night. Trisha Yearwood (his future wife) was his opening act. As showtime got closer, music started playing over the speakers, music from the Mavericks' new CD, "Trampoline" (Trisha was married to their guitarist at this time). The Center started to fill up. And then it was magic time. Trisha came out to much applause and did most all of her big hits. I had listened to her newest album on my way up to the show that afternoon.

I had actually already seen Trisha in concert 3 years prior in LaCrosse with Collin Raye. Her show ended and there was a short break. By this time, the place was totally packed. We were all ready for the big guy and he made quite an entrance. The stage opened up and we saw a man wearing a cowboy hat playing a baby grand piano. It looked just like Garth. Lots of screaming ensued. However, we then saw someone in a cowboy hat coming out of the piano itself!

This was the guy we had been waiting to see.

The picture above doesn't really represent what I saw. Remember, I was in the upper level facing the back of the stage. However, he did face us "back-side (ass) people" while he sang, "Callin' Baton Rouge". That was sweet of him. After the song, he headed back to the front of the stage. Many of the women in my area started whining. They wanted the sexy boy to continue facing them. Oh well. What can you do?

After the show ended, I could finally say that I had seen Garth in concert, but the view I had had left much to be desired plus I wasn't able to share the experience with another. I looked forward to going to the next show when the seats would be much better and I would be going with my best friend.

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