Monday, October 09, 2006

I like you. Do you like me?

Check this. I was invited to a myspace screening of "Borat" on September 20th in the Cities. It doesn't open nationwide until November 3rd.

I'd been hearing awesome things about the pic and always loved Borat on "Da Ali G Show" (Borat and Ali G are actually the same person, innit).

The day before, I didn't think I would go. I was concerned about having to drive an hour and a half to get there, getting there early enough to make sure I got a seat, blah, blah, blah. But I did decide to go and join in the festivities.

I'll give you my review later this week.

To give you a taste of what you're missing, here's an excerpt from one of Borat's interviews:

Borat chats to a Vietnam Vet in the street:

Borat: "We say in Kazakhstan that a man who never killed a man is like man without any..." (Borat indicated to his groin.) "Is true? Is true?"

Man: "It's a strange feeling"

Borat: "You have a big..." (Borat indicates to the man's groin.) "You have a big 'hram'?"

Man: "Errrrrr, fairly... Not... Pretty good."

Borat: "I can touch?"

Man: "In America, you don't, it's not... It's not one of our customs."

Borat: "I can touch?"

Man: (The man looks around) "Well sure, why not"

Borat: "This is OK with you?"

Man: "Sure" (Borat reaches between the man's legs and touches him, they both then laugh)

Borat: "It's nice... It's good, but I have seen bigger!"

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