Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Home Box Office

Sometime in 1981, my parents started subscribing to HBO. You know, new movies without the commercials. Well, since us kids were all still quite young, there were certain programs we weren't allowed to watch (at least initially).

One afternoon shortly after we started getting HBO, I saw that a PG-rated movie was going to be on that I had heard was quite funny. Now back in those days, a PG movie was much "harder" than it is today (There could be all kinds of swear words in a PG movie, something that is not the case today).

The movie I was interested in viewing was

I asked my mom if I could see it and she said, "maybe". I kept at her until she finally agreed. I couldn't wait to see it! And I was not disappointed. Here are some of the lines that had me rolling:

Junior: Daddy, I got to pee-pee.
Buford T. Justice (Jackie Gleason): Swallow it. I'm busy!

Buford T. Justice: Let me tell ya somethin', Junior. If you ever embarrass me like that again, I'm gonna get an ax, and you're never gonna have to open your fly again.

Junior: Daddy, look at that big, ugly alligator.
Buford T. Justice: That reminds me; I gotta call yo mama tonight.

And that was just the beginning. As time went by, we were allowed to watch more and more, even R-rated movies such as "The Blues Brothers" and "Caddyshack"!! :P

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