Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Music Television

25 years ago, MTV was born. They had only a few thousand subscribers at the time, but that would soon change. My first time viewing the network was in 1984 (that was the summer I was living with my dad and siblings in a trailer). The house next door (the one owned by my dad's business partner) had cable TV, so we were over there quite a bit. For many an afternoon that summer, I enjoyed watching music videos on MTV. It was such a cool concept to me. Not only being able to hear your favorite songs, but also being able to "watch" them. I became familiar with all the original VJ's. Martha Quinn was probably my favorite followed by Mark Goodman.

I remember one afternoon watching Prince's video "When Doves Cry" with a couple of my siblings and another friend. My dad's BP walked into the house just as Prince was getting out of the bathtub naked.

She was not happy and told us all to go outside and do something constructive.

In the early 90's, MTV went away from showing all music videos in favor of broadcasting regular series. I came to enjoy a number of those as well, in particular "The Real World" and "Beavis & Butthead".

Thankfully, if I want to get my fill of 80's videos, I need only turn to VH1 Classic.

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